Authorware Stuff

  1. Authorware 7.0:  How To Use A Slider To Navigate To Different Pages In A Framework
  2. U32 & Source Code:  Draw an anti-aliased Sine Wave with rotation and transparency.    NOTE:  Visual Studio.NET 2003 Solution/Project Included.  NOTE:  Requires Windows XP or higher . . . or Microsoft's gdiplus.dll.
  3. U32 & Source Code:  Display A Windows "Browse For Folder" Dialog From A User-Defined Root Folder.    NOTE:  Visual Studio.NET 2003 Solution/Project Included.
  4. U32 & Source Code:  Display A Windows "Browse For Folder" Dialog.    NOTE:  Minimalist GNU for Windows was used to create this U32; however, ILFree() would not link, so free() was used instead.
  5. Authorware 7.0:  Cut, Copy, & Paste between Authorware and a Text Field in a Flash Movie (*.swf) using the Flash Asset Xtra and 2 Buddy API Xtra functions ( CopyText() & PasteText() ).    NOTE:  The Buddy API Xtra is NOT included. The Buddy API Xtra can be downloaded from
  6. Authorware 7.0:  Control the global volume of sound in Flash from Authorware. This allows you to mute and unmute sounds in Flash without effecting sound in Authorware. After unzipping the files, you must place a Flash SWF with Sound that you have created next to the unzipped Authorware and Flash files.
  7. Authorware 7.0:  Extract internalized, uncompressed Flash Movies (*.swf) from an unpackaged Authorware file (*.a4p, *.a5p, *.a6p, *.a7p, ...). NOTE: Sometimes this doesn't extract internalized, uncompressed Flash movies and sometimes it works just fine . . . so I'm working on a fix.
  8. Authorware 7.0:  Display and modify anti-aliased, HTML formatted text in Authorware at Run-Time using Embedded Fonts in Flash, a Flash Text Field, and the Flash Asset Xtra. This restricts you to using only the fonts that are embedded into the Flash SWF; however, since the fonts are embedded, the end-user doesn't have to have these fonts installed on her/his computer. (Contains a Flash MX 2004 FLA)
  9. Authorware 7.0:  Display and modify aliased, HTML formatted text in Authorware at Run-Time using a Flash Text Field and the Flash Asset Xtra. This allows you to use any font that the end-user currently has installed on her/his computer; however, if you use a font that the end-user doesn't have, then unexpected results occur. (Contains a Flash MX FLA)
  10. Authorware 6.5:  One way to use the new parseFile method of the XMLParser Xtra.
  11. Authorware 6:  A recursive-like (width) dive of the flowline
  12. Authorware 6:  Using TellTarget methods with the Flash ActiveX
  13. Authorware 6:  One way of automating the display of an unknown amount of various sized images
  14. Authorware 6:  A very, very simple TreeView Navigation Technique
  15. Authorware 5:  How To:  Create an Authorware importable sequence of bitmaps using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (and the free Imaging program in Windows NT 4 or the .GIF save-able version of MS Paint in Windows ME . . . or Windows 2000 . . . or Windows XP)
  16. Authorware 5: (recursion in Authorware 5/6 . . . without local variables)
  17. Authorware 5:  How To:  Jump out of the middle of a calculation icon, perform a conditional perpetual, and jump back into the middle of the same calculation icon (due to a bug in Authorware)
  18. Authorware 5:  WinCtrls.u32 - Window Control's Change Event Verification using a Timer (this is for Authorware 5.2 only - this was fixed in Authorware 6)
  19. Authorware 5: